Business Intelligence & Market Research

Conducting both qualitative and quantitative market research services with businesses and consumers, Otaran offers these services throughout the UK. Here are some of the key competencies:

  • Market Sizing and Segmentation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Research
  • Market Trends
  • Marketing Mix Intelligence and Modelling
  • Product Research

Social Media Marketing

Handle all of your Social Media efforts from one place. Take full control over all your posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Otaran will take the guesswork out of what to post and when to post it.

Marketing Campaign Management

Delivering a successful marketing campaign can be a big challenge.Whether you are launching a product, generating leads or planning for a trade show, Otaran can offer essential services to help make your campaign a success:
  • Creative Copy
  • Campaign Planning
  • Execution and follow up


Depending on the project, day rate + commission paid on a weekly or fortnightly base. 

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